Wednesday, November 8, 2017

ASP.NET 5 and ASP.NET MVC 6 Full Tutorial

Asp.Net 5 and Asp.Net Mvc 6 Full Tutorial

Wondering what's new and exciting in ASP.NET 5?

Watch the experts from the product team as they highlight the newest open source web framework from Microsoft for building modern web apps on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This session digs into the changes in ASP.NET and focuses on how it can make you more productive.

Get a deep dive into the new features in MVC, Web API, and Entity Framework, all open-sourced and cross-platform.

And check out the newest web tooling in Visual Studio to support ASP.NET 5 and modern web standards, including support for Grunt, Gulp, Bower, npm, and much more.

ASP.NET 5 merges the power of .NET with the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud, along with today's client-side tools for the open web. Get the details on how to upgrade your sites and your skills!

(01) ASP.NET 5 What and Why Learn that ASP.NET 5 is rebuilt from the ground up to be the best web development platform for Windows, Mac, and Linux. And get an introduction to the major advancements, as you hear why the team made these changes.

 (02) ASP.NET MVC 6 + Web API Part 1 Get started with ASP.NET 5, as you learn how to set up your development machine and explore the new ASP.NET 5 project structure.

Dive into building ASP.NET 5 applications by configuring middleware and working with different hosts.​ ​

 (03) ASP.NET MVC 6 + Web API Part 2 Get an introduction to ASP.NET MVC 6 for building web UI and web APIs, and learn how to set up MVC 6 and leverage dependency injection across your MVC application.

See how you can render HTML views and format data using MVC 6 as a single unified framework.

 (04) Visual Studio Tooling for ASP.NET 5 One of the goals in building Visual Studio support from the ground up is to ensure that it works well in scenarios where other tools are being used.

Focus on some of the new features in the Visual Studio experience for ASP.NET 5 developers.

 (05) ASP.NET 5 Internals Deep Dive See how ​ASP.NET 5 under the hood is made of very simple tools designed to get you up and running quickly. Hear an interview with an engineer from the team to learn where the pieces live and how they work together.

 (06) Entity Framework 7 Entity Framework 7 (EF7) is a lightweight and extensible version of Entity Framework that enables new platforms and new data stores.

Explore how EF7 achieves those goals, and see helpful demos of EF7 in action.

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