Monday, October 30, 2017

SQL DBA Beginner - SQL Server Architecture

SQL DBA Beginner - SQL Server Architecture

The SQL DBA course is structured to lay your hands on REAL WORLD Projects.
You MUST already know the basics of SQL Language to get the best of this course

Next steps

  • Start off with several projects during the course of the training
  • First will be to build your own infrastructure in a virtualized environment (Clustered environment)
  • Build your cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web services
  • Build a High Availability Solution (always on)
  • In the course you will learn configuration best practices and the exact things you MUST do when you get a job
  • Knowing the above will allow you to speak freely about your experience at the interview
  • Build all other Microsoft technologies on your environment and learn the differences between them
  • Mirroring
  • Log shipping
  • Replication (Transactional, Merge, Peer-to-Peer)
  • Clustering
  • On your environment you will engage with below: Security
  • TDE
  • SSL
  • Logins/Users Performance
  • Indexes -Troubleshooting Locking and Deadlocks
  • Wait states
  • Transaction logs (VLF) Recovery Strategies
  • Filegroup recovery Tablespace recovery
  • Page recovery
  • Database recovery Auditing
  • Database and Server Audit Specifications
  • Automation
  • Ola Halengren (Backups)
  • Ola Halengren (Index Management)
  • Maintenance Plans Documentation
  • Real world examples of Documentation

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