Monday, October 30, 2017

Manual Testing Tutorial for Beginners - Different Types and Black Box / White Box Testing

Manual Testing Tutorial for Beginners | Different Types of Testing | Black Box & White Box Testing

Software testing is a vital process without which no software release can occur, it makes the software usable. Software testing offers opportunities constantly to be exposed with new development methods, new platform technologies, new product innovations.

 Video gives a brief insight of following topics:
  • Implementing Black Box Testing
  • Understand different types of software Testing
  • Understand Black Box Testing & White Box Testing
  • Understand software Testing
  • Understand Difference between Black box and White box testing
  • Implement Black Box Testing
  • Equivalence Class Testing 8.Boundry Value Analysis
  • Decision Table Testing

Software Testing course will combine the fundamental software testing and related program analysis techniques. The course will include concepts of test generation, test oracles, test coverage, regression testing, mutation testing, program analysis (e.g. program-flow and data-flow analysis) and test prioritization, etc. This is a foundation course for graduates or professionals who wants to learn and gain insights on Software Testing e.g. Software Test Engineers, Software Test Managers, QA Engineers, QA leads and Managers, Fresh Graduates and Students can go for this course.

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