Sunday, September 17, 2017

Docker Tutorial for Beginners

Docker for Beginners

This DevOps Docker Tutorial will give you an understanding what is docker and help you learn the fundamentals of Docker. This tutorial will help you understand the difference between Docker Containers and Virtual Machines and tell you how Containerization techniques is an upgrade to Virtualization. You will learn the importance of Docker Images, Containers and Docker Hub. This tutorial explains Docker's working Architecture and Docker Engine in detail. This tutorial also includes a Hands-On session around Docker by the end of which you will learn to build your own Docker Images and spin your own Docker Containers out of them. It will also tell you the role Docker plays in the DevOps life-cycle.

The Hands-On session is performed on an Ubuntu-64bit machine in which Docker is installed. This tutorial will show you how to create Tomcat7 Docker Image in an Ubuntu base image and then creating a new container using the Tomat7 Docker Image.

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