Monday, July 15, 2013

The real Truth of SEO for Google

How much have you heard about keyword optimization? 
And how many differing opinions have you received? 
Isn't it time you understood some truths about keyword optimization?

Here they are!

First and foremost, what are the best keywords?

You can get your keywords from a simple tool such as Google Suggest. It is now inbuilt within the Google search engine itself. Type something relating to your niche and along the way it will give you some suggestions. These are the suggestions that you have to pay attention to -- the suggestions that will bring you your desired profits.

The next question is how frequently do you have to use these keywords in your article body, i.e. how much should be enough? The right answer for that is between 2 and 3% of the total matter of content on the website. Less than that is too less and more than that is keyword-stuffing, a sure bet to get your website blacklisted by Google.

Now, here are some keyword related factors that you should definitely make sure you have on your webpage if you are looking for good traffic and, hence, good conversions:-

  • Your domain name should have the keyword in it. This is mandatory.
  • The URL of the website must have the keyword in it.
  • Your titles must have the keyword in it. If possible, try to wedge in your keyword in every subheading you use as well, provided they are not too many. Specifically, use your keyword in all the H1, H2 and H3 tags that you use.
  • Your keyword must be found in the first sentence of the article.
  • Your keyword must also be in the last sentence of the article.
  • Use at least one outbound link to a page within your website where your keyword works as the anchor text.
  • Use at least one outbound link to an external page, i.e. a page out of your website, which is trustable.
  • Use your keyword to a density of 2 to 3% through the webpage.

Employ these factors and see that your website really starts rocking on Google! Yes, that simple, but almost 90% of the websites on the Internet overlook these simple yet critical factors.
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