Friday, July 12, 2013

Important SEO information of year 2013

A very detailed SEO analysis article was published by Search Metrics this week that you'll want to read. It covers the current best info in ranking signals/factors.

In the analysis, 10,000 top keywords and 300,000 URLs were analyized and broken down, exposing the common ranking factors between the sites that do well.

What's important now:

  • Social signals are an even larger factor in ranking. This is probably due to the increased focus on brand. 
  • A huge drop in keyword domains. This means more emphasis is needed to build authority instead of finding a good money keyword for your domain. 
  • Backlinks - including nofollows - are still a very major ranking factor.

You can read the full report on their site:

Keep up the good fight and let me know if you ever have information you want to share.

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