Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to control Google Ranks

Google is the big daddy for all webmasters, and we all know what happens to people who employ unacceptable methods like black hat SEO. But, if you think about it, everything has a loophole and there are many loopholes in Google's ways as well.

One thing you could do without any problem is to get Google to think that your website is getting a lot of organic backlinks. This can be easily done actually. See, what you have to do is this. On the first day, add 2 backlinks to your website. On the next day, add 4. Then add 5. Then maybe add 8. Do this for a few weeks at a stretch, without missing a day, and adding more backlinks every day.

How does that help? It helps in building link acceleration.

When Google sees that your website is getting more and more links, it thinks that your website is gaining in popularity. It thinks that more people are gaining an interest in your website and therefore it thinks your website has relevant material that people are coming forth to read. That is the reason, Google starts ranking your website better.

But, at the same time, you have to make sure your on-page factors are all impeccable. We started out this email series talking about on-page factors and that remains very important throughout your SEO campaign. You have to make sure you are using the right keywords and in the right density so that you have the all-important on-page leverage when your traffic actually starts visiting your website.
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