Monday, April 29, 2013

PHP 5 Power Programming - Free Ebook

PHP 5 Power Programming - Free Ebook
Within the last few years, PHP has grown to be the most widespread web platform in the world, operational in more than a third of the web servers across
the globe. PHP's growth is not only quantitative but also qualitative. More and
more companies, including Fortune companies, rely on PHP to run their business-critical applications, which creates new jobs and increases the demand
for PHP developers. Version 5, due to be released in the very near future, holds
an even greater promise.
While the complexity of starting off with PHP remains unchanged and
very low, the features offered by PHP today enable developers to reach far
beyond simple HTML applications. The revised object model allows for largescale projects to be written efficiently, using standard object-oriented methodologies. New XML support makes PHP the best language available for processing XML and, coupled with new SOAP support, an ideal platform for
creating and using Web Services.
This book, thoroughly covers all of the features of the new version, and is a must-have for all PHP developers who are interested in
exploring PHP 5's advanced features.

Format: PDF | Pages:  720 | Size: 9.39 MB

Chapters of Ebook :

  • Chapter 1: What Is New in PHP 5?
  • Chapter 2: PHP 5 Basic Language
  • Chapter 3: PHP 5 OO Language
  • Chapter 4: PHP 5 Advanced OOP and Design Patterns
  • Chapter 5: How to Write a Web Application with PHP
  • Chapter 6: Databases with PHP 5
  • Chapter 7:Error Handling
  • Chapter 8: XML with PHP 5
  • Chapter 9: Mainstream Extensions
  • Chapter 10:Using PEAR
  • Chapter 11: Important PEAR Packages
  • Chapter 12: Building PEAR Components
  • Chapter 13: Making the Move
  • Chapter 14: Performance
  • Chapter 15: An Introduction to Writing PHP Extensions
  • Chapter 16: PHP Shell Scripting
  • A. PEAR and PECL Package Index
  • B. phpDocumentor Format Reference
  • C. Zend Studio Quick Start
  • Index
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