Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Change thumbnails size in Virtuemart 2

To change the thumbnails dimensions (width and height) in Joomla Virtuemart 2.0.6 follow these steps:

Log on to the administrator backend of your joomla site

  1. Click on components>virtuemart 
  2. In the Virtuemart control panel, click on configuration and then click the templates tab 
  3. Scroll down and you change change the default thumbnail width and hight by adjusting the size (in pixels) for "Thumbnail image width" and "Thumbnail image Height"
  4. Go to images/stories/virtuemart/category/ and images/stories/virtuemart/product/
    and delete this folder /resized/
  5. All done !! new thumbnails will be created automatically. 
Change thumbnails size in Virtuemart 2
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